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It gave people the option of having all three services and it came all on one bill. But with today's modern technology and fast paced lifestyles, people don't want slow dial up. They only have to make one call to one company to set up phone, cable TV and Internet. Comcast has incorporated phone into their services as well.

Cable and internet are not the only services provided by Comcast. They want fast internet action. One thing that Comcast strives for is quality customer service. The days of needing three different providers for three different home services are long past. This is something that is getting lost with other major phone service providers. Comcast is proud to be at the forefront of the bundle package idea and strives to be at the top in their industry. Not many companies can compete with that and their prices. In addition, customers enjoy being able to pause, rewind and playback live programming as well as record movies-on-demand. As slow as dial up is, people don't have the time nor do they think it is worth the price to pay for dial up, when they can pay about the same if not less for high speed internet like Comcast. The days of dial up are a thing of the past, for some people anyway. Its interactive video gaming and offering the ability to connect with todays educational and fun play-games for young children.

Comcast offers it all, phone, television, and internet. Everyone has to use fax or email to make requests for service, instead of ever talking to a real person. Having a different company for TV, the phone and the internet is something that nobody wants anymore. There are a plethora of people changing to Comcast Digital Cable TV service because satellite TV services outages, interruptions and higher prices. 

With Comcast Digital Cable customers know what to expect, and its more than just great digital cable, 300 plus channels to choose from, On demand, etc. Unless you want to sign up, of course, they have plenty of people available for that! At Comcast, they make it easy for their telephone customers with their Comcast Phone service and are busy achieving more and more customer satisfaction points daily. It's also great customer service and professionalism from their customer service, when you call you talk to a human being not a machine. Comcast's bundling systems keeps customers happy, they get great introductory rates along with referral bonuses.

Comcast continues to look into consumer technology needs, with the age of cable television gone in 2009. With Comcast High Speed Internet services, youll be assured a quality and fast connection each and every time. Comcast offers caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and messaging options just as with other phone services. Here is an option that has renters reeling: More rg6 coaxial cable and more apartment and condominium developers are turning to Comcast to umbrella their units with phone, cable and internet services.Comcast started to seriously beat the competition when they came up with the Triple Play bundle. 

. Comcast understands that today's internet is not just about browsing websites, that's why Comcast's Broadband High Speed internet comes with a cable and wireless modem for the highest ease of use. The parental controls and the easy-to-use guides appeal to parents, as well as options such as "favorites" listings and easy to set record times. The one USB extension cable bad thing about Comcast is that it is not available to everyone in various locations, but Comcast will take care of that very soon! Comcast's plunge into the world of bundling services keeps amazing consumers, and as accessibility to their services expands, you're sure to be hearing even more about Comcast.

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